My Acne Tale

Once when I was a teenager, my face was covered by acne. It was so bad that when I feel my face it is so thick and rough. It is ugly and disgusting that I am so ashamed to go out. I am ashamed to go out because I don’t want the people to see my face. Cause if they see my face, I am sure they will avoid me. If they avoid me then that is the end of my social life.

Having this condition made me feel so sad and depressed. I really want to have more friends. If I have more friends, it would feel good. It will help my confidence go up. I have a low self-esteem because of y acne. I want to have a love life but how could I do it. I do not have confidence. It is because of my acne. It is the primary reason of all this misery that I am experiencing. I am literally on the lowest point of my life. No confidence, no friends and worst no love life.

I want my life to have a complete turnaround. But where should I start, I am desperate for an answer. And then it dawned on me, I should take care of my acne.

One day my mom seems to know what I am going through. She talked to me one morning to go and consult a doctor regarding on my acne. I agreed to what she said and on the next day, we went on a doctor’s appointment.

When we get there, the doctor told me that he can give medication on my acne. He also gave me advice on the do’s and don’ts to help me minimize and stop my acne from further advances. He said I should drink more liquid and eat healthier. He gave me medicine and said to have a follow up checkup on the following week.